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The new experience at Honest Burgers

It was our first UX project as a group. Two weeks sprint to understand, discuss, and develop a product along with three of my classmates.

After that I've graduated from GA, I decided to come back to the project with a more critical eye.

Looking in retrospect, now that I have more knowledge and experience, I understand that the outcome that we've initially reached is not solving the problem in the best possible way. The researches that we've conducted weren't enough to give us solid insights to justify all of our design decisions. As the COVID emergency disrupted and changed the market drastically, I've also spent some time finding specific solutions for this topic.


-Competitive Analysis

-User Surveys

-User Interviews

-Contextual Inquiry

-Card Sorting

-Task Analysis

-Ideation & Sketching

-Design Studio Method

-Usability Testing

-Low/Medium Fidelity


*User Testing


*Digital Wireframing

-Higher Fidelity Prototype:

*User Testing


*Digital Wireframing


The User Research:

The Screener Survey was our first stop. It helps to ensure your research is built on insights from ideal participants. We prepared 14 questions to discover what users we should be focused on. We learned about the demographic details and a starting to learn about the behavior of users.













Now we had an idea of metrics that the users should meet, we started the User Interviews. We conducted 12 interviews regarding the restaurant experience. 







In order to define an experience that meets the business interest and the user’s desires, I went to check how the current experience at Honest Burger was.

  • Customers spent between 45 minutes and 1’5 hours in the brands 

  • Busy times are usually in the dinner service over weekends. Lunchtime during the week in some brands could be busy, but those meals are usually to take away. 

  • The averages waiting time in Honest Burger is just 15 minutes.

The User testing and interviews after GA:

Survey Results.png

Knowing this, and with the new global situation I come back to the users.


I conducted 6 user testings of our high fidelity prototype and 6 new user interviews.

  • During the testing sessions, quotes as: “why does everyone pretend us downloading an app for every single thing we do?”, “I usually have my phone storage full”, “I think I would use this app just to pay when I go in big groups. Go to Applestore is more difficult than telling the waiter what do you want.” .. reinforced the idea of our deliverable, a simple App to order, and pay was not the best one. Maybe a non-digital outcome would be a better solution? But when contact between us and "touching things" have been pulled up from our habits for becoming a danger! A non-digital outcome doesn´t look the best option either. 

The new insights:


Regarding Covid-19, interaction with the restaurant staff has to be reduced to the strictly needed though. 

New Insights.png

Why is it a QR code? 

Code QR code is the evolution of the barcode. This is easy tech lets you connect the business with the customer avoiding the high cost of a native app, meeting the needs of our users: they wouldn´t need the storage of their phone. Download the app step has been deleted from the experience but the online payment, especially splitting the bill (It`s a pain point when people go for a meal in large groups.), ordering, and many other features would be available for the enjoyment of the Honest Burgers customers. Easier and quicker!

Users just need a smartphone or device able to read an optical label, that contains information about the item to which it is attached. Those items can have many natures. It could take you to a website, a web app, tan address, a contact, a video... The investment on the QR Code is really low with several benefits.

In this case, with Honest Burgers, the QR Code would let us offer a better experience, adapting the experience to the needs of the different kinds of users. Making just minor changes in the user interfaces that are attached to the QR Codes, we can surprise our customers! For example, families with toddlers could have a QR Code connected to an interface though for their children´s fun at the restaurant with a more colorful visual, games...; same with celebration as the birthdays. As well, the QR Code can help us to improve our accessibility, adapting with a bit of extra effort to the interfaces. 

How to access to the QR Code:

Group 17.png

The Next Steps:

  • Develop new user interfaces, regarding families, celebration, accessibility...

  • "Call the waiter": instant messages feature 

  • User Testings

Please, don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions!!