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The Plant B

Closed Terrariums Copy 3
Closed Terrariums Copy
Marimo Moss Balls

There is always a plant B but there isn't a planet B! 

We started to grow plants to give a second life to the container that was getting our bins full. The Plant B is the beautiful consequences of that decision!


-Wherever possible, we use recycling jars and tops. It was our begging reason and we don’t want to forget it and distort this project! We carefully select our suppliers and materials. Sustainability is our reason to be!

-We are very allergic to plastic! 

-Our packaging is 100% plastic free, recycled and recycling.

- We use rubber stamps and eco-friendly ink, instead of stickers. It is most tricky for our logo but much better for the planet!

-We make sure the terrariums get the perfect balance and conditions to let life grow. We keep each of our terrariums in observation until we check everything to go well on them.

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